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The Journalism Season in London

Season 2 of the ROOTLESS Podcast is recorded in London, and inspired by the Future News Worldwide Conference 2019, which I attended between July 14th to 18th amongst 100 other journalists, activists and dreamers at Reuters Headquarters. 

One thing budding journalists and journalism students are always told and taught, is to not make the story about ourselves. This is one thing all journalists can agree on as a general rule. However the three-day-conference at Reuters Headquarters gave me inspiration to create a media season focusing on cultural and social issues from a journalistic perspective

I took the mic along with me to FNW19 to hear what my fellow ambitious young watchdogs plan to change and how they'll use journalism as their tool. The six episodes debate how to improve journalism further, the drawbacks of mass communication and repairing democracy with a free press.

This season will be tackling the following topics with some of the delegates and speakers I met at the conference:

LGBT in Iraq

Freedom of press

The current situation of Kashmir in India

Beauty standards in Venezuela

Environmentalism in Uganda

Youth’s under-representation in media

I was naive enough to think I'd be able to record all of these interviews at the conference whilst being an active delegate, and function as a human being. The program was full from morning to night so I didn't have a chance to get all the interviews I'd hoped for - so instead I called up the people whom I hadn't had a chance to interview at the conference - to continue our chat and catch up!

Before we jump on the Eurostar train to London together, listen to the introduction episode for some background on FNW and hear highlights from speakers! 

Thank you to World Radio Paris for studio use.

You can find the podcasts here:

Apple Podcasts



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