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Updated: Nov 20, 2019

After years of working on pre-existing projects I've decided to create my own! It's been long under way, that I've wandered around feeling like I was producing lots of things but with no red thread or common goal. When I moved to Paris this April for the 4th time, I found myself again surrounded by amazing women all with fascinating stories just waiting to be told. Even without actively looking, I could count eight women off the top of my head in my life who I would love to invite in the studio to unfold the stories of their pasts, passions and futures.

So the ROOTLESS Podcast was born... First up is the Paris season, focusing on feminism!

Listen to the trailer here:

One of my biggest professional "problems" have been that I am rootless, and move countries between two to three times a year. Nomad life has made it hard to fully commit to any of the projects I've worked on because they've been location-based and, I'm the opposite.

I wanted to create a project that was my own, where I could be me and most importantly, a project I could take with me on all my travels. This is not a travel podcast though - do not be fooled! My location will play a part in the topics I will cover - In Paris I'll focus on feminism, in London I'll focus on journalism and media since I'll be attending the Future News Worldwide conference, and in Seoul I'll be focusing on my life as an exchange student and foreinger in South Korea.

Please subscribe on Apple podcast, or whatever you get your podcast - and if you like the show please rate and review - the rootless podcast

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