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Rounding up the feminism season in Paris

Eight powerful women have joined me in completing the Paris Season podcasts. Each story has inspired me to question gender rights further and given me perspective on women's position in the french society.

My first guest was Heidi Evans, the entrepreneur behind Women of Paris, who enlightened me on present and past feministic issues in France, preparing me for a whole season of exploring feminism in France. The biggest take-away from my conversation with Heidi was the construct of our history's narrative from a bastion of patriarchy.

This is especially evident in the Parisian tourism industry where only men are praised for the areas as Kings, war heroes and writers, and women villainized as mistresses and prostitutes.

The contradictory society has yet in 2019 not had a female monarch or president and French women are probably some of the most stereotyped in the world as thin, wine-drinking and cigarette-smoking brunettes. But the French have so much more to offer than cheese loving and wine drinking. 

Along with my female guests of this season, I've delved into topics like racism in France's immigration system, domestic abuse, intersectionality and the history of prostitution in the rise of female power.

With this season I've sought to deconstruct the stereotypical perception of feminists as radical and man-bashing and focused on individual stories of females who've faced struggles because of the gender, race or belief.

I would like to thank all the amazing women who took part in the Paris season:

Heidi Evans

Katie Patt

Jordanne Edwards

Julie Marangé

Jasmine Belnesse

Lina Agabani

Thank you to World Radio Paris for studio use.

If you haven't yet listen to the Paris season - Head over to:

Apple Podcasts



See you soon, for the LONDON SEASON!

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