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Who is behind the microphone of  ROOTLESS?

It's Katrine Lyngsø, a no-where-based 24-year-old Danish journalist. I'm currently taking my Journalism degree Robert Gordon's University until May 2020. 

I've always been fascinated with our small world, and our incredible ability to work, live and love across borders. My curiosity for cultures and languages prompted me to move across four continents for the past six years.
I’m captivated by observing how the interplay between religions, tradition, language and history form our contemporary societies. I’ve travelled and lived autonomously since the age of 18 developing my independence, confidence and adaptability.


My nomad lifestyle culminated in the creation of ROOTLESS in 2019 to share my journey around the world. My podcasts explore cultural, social and political issues and share stories of the communities I encounter. 


Technically a 3rd year BA Journalism Student, actually a budding journalist since 1995 .... 

It took me 20 years to commit to a profession but since then, I’ve been more dedicated to this path than anything else. A strong motivational factor for my commitment to the journalistic profession is the promise of continuous personal learning and development in order to create real ground-breaking journalism. I dream of a job that encourages me to meet new people, expand my horizons and grow as a person. Journalism will allow me to be creative, have a diverse work schedule and reach the audience, whom I want to make a difference for.  

To me, journalism is thrilling, heart-poundingly addictive and a real opportunity to make an impact. Because of my nomad lifestyle, I'm comfortable being an outsider. Travelling has strengthened my humanistic skills to build relationships with people in minority communities who speak foreign languages and comply with foreign norms. I'm eager to learn from and about new communities. 

Rootless, slightly flaky and notoriously curious 

I dream of opening my own documentary production company to make touching, raw and real documentaries which show an unfiltered version of reality. 


I have a thirst for knowledge and understanding that leaves me always asking questions. I want to be a journalist and be me at the same. I don’t belong to the cliché of the voice-trained, old-school journalist with a deep-pitched speech. I'm young, slightly flaky, notoriously curious and have the biggest passion for people and their personal stories.

I believe we need to humanise news, both the newsrooms but also the news stories, in order to tell better stories that move our audiences and have the potential to make real change. Once we start connecting over humanity, we will create real equality. Our world is more connected but less united than ever before, and journalism must adapt.

My professional journalism journey 

Since I decided I wanted to become a journalist, I impatiently wanted to improve my practical skills. Quickly after I started my first year at Robert Gordon's University I got my hands dirty. Here's what I've been up to: 



As a freshman, I joined the RGU:Radio Society's news team to cover the news and events around campus. It was my first time interviewing, presenting and scriptwriting, and the experience really gave me a chance to make all the common first-time errors, all budding journalists must make.

The team produced by-weekly news shows, I presented four of the episodes and functioned as the producer for the show. For the 2nd semester, I was elected into the RGU:Radio committee as treasurer. 



Simultaneously in 1st year, I did weekly work experience with NorthSound Radio, covering breakfast shifts with New Bulletin Editor Joe Odber. I contributed to scriptwriting and audio editing.
I also shadowed reporters on the ground, contributing to the production of audio and video content.



After finishing 1st year of University, I spent my four-month summer holiday as an intern with World Radio Paris. I produced local content in the form of 30-minute-long interviews with expats in Paris.
I covered events in Paris as a reporter for shorter format stories (two to six minutes).
I had the opportunity to work alongside Abby Klein as a producer for 'Radical departures', about start-up corporations in the French tech industry.


Following my year as a news presenter for RGU:Radio, I was elected by the members to be the 18/19 Station manager. I functioned as editor supervising content and production for broadcast, ensuring house-style was implemented and regulation requirements followed. 

I was personally rewarded a half Scarlett Award for my dedication to creating a reliable University radio station, and RGU:Radio received “Most improved media society”. 

During my presidency, the society's membership doubled, the listenership increased by 50% and the station produced 80% more shows than the last year. 
I hosted my own talkshow\podcast called "Keeping up with the president", which debated and discussed university politics with the various society and union presidents on campus. 



After my work experience, I began interning weekly at Northsound on Fridays for my second semester in my second year. 

I was handed more practical assignments such as setting up interviews for reporters and writing scripts for morning bulletin including sourcing stories from news agencies. 


After my internship, I was offered to come back to World Radio Paris to work as a 'service civique' for six months over the summer. 
The job involved recording and editing all shows with Radio hosts, alongside completely managing social media and updating the website. 
I was the main producer daily making shows to tight deadlines while functioning as a mediator between the board and reporters on the ground.


After working on the various projects, I decided to create my own platform, where I would be in charge of format, direction and topics. I wanted a personal project I could bring along with me on my travels. 
ROOTLESS is my platform where I share my journey, in both podcast and blog format. My location plays a role in the topics I cover but the main objective is to tell the important stories of the communities I encounter about their struggles, victories and goals. 

"The five-year plan


  • See ROOTLESS's listenership grow and start creating a small community of followers online

  • Find part-time work experience/internship/job during my semester in Seoul. Preferably assisting experienced journalist with editorial and technical tasks. 


  • Change ROOTLESS podcasts a documentary-style format 

  • 6-months internship as a part of my Journalism degree in a bigger broadcast news outlet or agency

  • Win full Scarlett Award (More here


  • Make first ROOTLESS independent mini video documentary 

  • Write a dissertation about the media portrayal of Women's security during the Iraqi Civil War. 

  • Graduate BA degree with a 1st degree

  • Commence Master degree 


  • Make a full-length dissertation documentary about South Korean
    comfort women to the US military following the Korean War

  • Graduate Masters with a 1st degree


  • Make a longer format documentary about social and political issues 

  • Get employed as a journalist to make documentaries 

Still have unanswered questions? 

Contact me here . . . 

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