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6 weeks of


learning from the industry's professionals 

Summary of my time at STV |
Learning outcomes. 


Job descriptions 


I spent six weeks in STV North’s newsroom on work placement as a part of my Bachelor's degree. It has not only been an insight into the art of making television but an insight into how to fill a 30-minute bulletin with engaging local news. I followed the daily process of turning the stories from the drawing board in the morning into quality journalism.  

It has been a self-developing journey. Observing the standards and phase expected of journalists, despite the limitations to time and space, has forced me to push myself harder. 

I can wholeheartedly say that my placement has shaped me into a more confident, professional and capable reporter. More than anything STV has made me more excited to start my career and reassured me that journalism is right for me.

The most memorable part has been the privilege to work with such passionate and friendly colleagues. I truly feel that I’ve learned from the best in the industry. I’ll never take for granted the six weeks I’ve spent with the talented team behind Scotland’s most-watched news programme. 



Presented weekly lunch bulletins in the STV Studio

Replicated STV bulletins each week to practice presenting skills. From continuous practice, I was able to drive the autocue myself while reading the news in an engaging way and tone. 


Emerged myself in the unpredictable & fast phase newsroom environment 

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Gained the basic skills to edit in the industry's most used software

Received training to proficiently edit together packages and clips in Avid Media Composer and use it as a part of the daily broadcast routine with ID's and captions.


Filmed on the ground to practise my camera and lighting skills

With the aim of becoming a multimedia journalist, I conducted filming with MMJ kits, craft cameras and Gopros. 


Produced bulletins, interviews, vox pops, clips & packages. 

Independently conducted interviews and vox pops for clips, shadow produced packages and read weekly bulletins. Furthermore added pieces to camera and voice-overs. 


Observed the standards expected of STV journalists 

The standards and phase expected of journalists, despite the limitations to time and space,  forced me to push myself harder to follow. 

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