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Hanyang University | College of Social Sciences
Exchange Semester | Specialised in international relations 

Seoul, South Korea

Sep - Dec 2019  

Relevant courses: Media effects, Mass communication, Civil Society and Cultural movements, Korea, Japan and China in changing society. 

Aberdeen Business School | Robert Gordon University
BA (Hons) in Journalism | Specialised in Radio and Broadcasting   

Scotland, UK 

2017 - 2021 

Relevant courses: News Writing, Media Law, Broadcast Journalism and Production, Principles and Practices of Reporting, Media Semiotics and Discourse, Feature Writing

L'atelier 9
Extra credit language course: French B  

Paris, France

2015 - 2017

Relevant courses: Cour de Grammaire, Cour de Conversation, Cour de Preparation aux Examens TCF, Eciture, Correction Phonétique (Pronunciation)

Massachusetts Bay Community College 
Exchange Scholar Program (Education First)            


2014 - 2015

Relevant courses: North Amerian culture, English literature, Sociology and North American History. 

International Baccalaureate | Ikast College Ikast
Highers in Business and Languages        

Ikast, Denmark

2012 - 2014

Relevant courses: Danish, English, Business and Management, History, Theory of Knowledge, Biology 


Jan 20 - 

  • Work placement as a part of bachelor’s degree

  • Shadowing production of 30-minute 6 PM bulletin

  • Planning, filming, editing (Avid Media Composer) news packages for broadcast

  • Working in experienced, fast-paced newsroom adhering to house style, deadlines and standards.


Jun 19 - 

World Radio Paris - Only English radio station broadcasting in Paris

6-month "Service civique" | Producer

Paris, France

Apr 19 - Sep 19

  • Recording and editing all shows with Radio hosts to air on Digital Radio

  • Managing social media and updating the website

  • Creating a platform with news, shows and assistance in English for expats in Paris.

  • Source anglophone partnerships for WRP 

RGU:Radio – Independent student-led Radio Station

Station manager | Editor

Aberdeen, UK

Apr 18 - Apr 19

  • Functioned as editor advising members on content & production techniques.

  • Coordinated shows in the studio both live and for podcast format. 

  • Hosted debate show 'Keeping up with the president', about university politics 

  • During presidency, membership doubled and  content production increased

  • Received individual and society Award (Read more here)

World Radio Paris - Only English radio station broadcasting in Paris

4-month summer internship  | Radio Reporter 

Paris, France

May 18 - Aug 18

  • Daily production of 1-minute long local news flash 

  • Hosting talk show “Turning point” (Listen here)

  • Covering local events as a reporter (Ex. Champs Elysees Film Festival)

  • Local content production, in-depth reports (10-minute format)

  • Reference here 

RGU:Radio – Independent student-led Radio Station

News presenter RGNews | Producer

Aberdeen, UK

Sep 18 - Apr 18

  • News presenter at bi-weekly news show RGNews covering the news and events around campus

  • Scriptwriting, editing and interviewing for show

  • Joined committee as treasurer. 

NorthSound1 Radio – Serving the North-east Scotland

Work Experience

Aberdeen, UK

Jan 18 - Apr 19

  • Covering breakfast shift with News Bulletin Editor Joe Odber.

  • Shadowing reporters on the ground

  • Editing audio | Scriptwriting  

  • Production of audio and video content on the ground

Anchor 1



Danish: native, English: fluent, French: academic, German: academic, Korean: Basic

Excel, Mac OS, Windows, FinalCut Pro, Photoshop, Audacity, Clyde Broadcast, Adobe Audition CC 2017, Cooledit, WordPress, HMTL and CSS, WIX. Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Dreamweaver and Garageband. Avid Media composer, iNews, Adobe After Effects. 


NewsXchange 2018 

Grant participant sponsored by CNN.
An annual conference for the international broadcast news industry

Future News Worldwide 2019

Winner of the British Government's young journalist's talent competition to participate in one week conference at Reuters headquarter in Canary Wharf, London. 100 winners selected from over 3000 applications 



A strong motivational factor for my commitment to the journalistic profession is the promise of continuous personal learning and development in order to create real ground-breaking journalism. I dream of a job that encourages me to meet new people, expand my horizons and grow as a person. Journalism will allow me to be creative, have a diverse work schedule and reach an audience, whom I want to make a difference for


After 6 months as co-presenter for RGU News, I was unanimously elected to be Station Manager. I supervised content and production for broadcast, ensured house-style was implemented and regulation requirements followed. I was personally rewarded a half Scarlett Award for my dedication to creating a reliable University radio station, and RGU:Radio received “Most improved media society” for the 50% listenership increase.

After consistently receiving positive editorial feedback from my editor at my four-month voluntary internship with WRP in 2018, I was offered a half year contract to return as a producer.


With two years of experience creating audio content, I’ve developed a proficient and pragmatic editing technique creating of jingles, editing speech and mixing formats.

I enjoy editorial freedom, where I can let my technical creativity flourish, but I'm used to editing after templates.
My debate show drastically improved my skills running mixer desks and adjusting audio levels while hosting & stirring the debate.

For the ROOTLESS “one-mand production”, I independently coded the website, designed the layout and produced the jingles.


My curiosity for cultures and languages prompted me to move across four continents for the past six years. I’m captivated by observing how the interplay between religions, tradition, language and history form our contemporary societies. I’ve travelled and lived autonomously since the age of 18 developing my independence, confidence and adaptability. My nomad lifestyle culminated in the creation of ROOTLESS, where I explore cultural, social and political issues and dive into the taboos of my current location.

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