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David Blanc 

Director, World Radio Paris

Katrine performed various journalistic-tasks: Anchoring, editing, researching news items, interviewing guests and conducting field reports. Katrine Lyngsø proved to be an experimented young journalist, she was an independent, energetic, resourceful and overall wonderful person to work with. Above all, her work was excellent, her techniques improved to the point that she became completely autonomous in the studio, she was able to find the relevant news that mattered to our target audience even though she didn’t speak French fluently at the time. Her understanding of the French culture and knowledge of the city of Paris almost always brought her to find the stories that were important to cover. She was able to create and edit reports in a quick and professional manner so they were aired at the right time. She always met her deadlines. We strongly recommend Katrine for radio or TV journalistic positions. She will be an amazing asset to any organisation


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